OVER A TEN YEAR PERIOD from 1988, the computer bus man and the late Tony Roberts were involved in the production of a series of award-winning newspapers at St.Ninian’s High School...

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LEFT: A picture from circa 1989 showing a thinner version of the computer bus man carrying out paste-up on an early edition of ‘Pulse’.

The picture was probably* taken at the Kingswood Grove premises of ‘Nelson Press’ who printed the SNHS newspaper at the time. In the room would have been Nelson Press Kelvin Edgar who helped produce the newspaper at the time.

The picture was taken by the late Tony Roberts who of course was the driving force behind ‘Pulse’.

LEFT: A picture from February 1995 showing the production of School Skeet No 4 underway on the paste-boards.

Earlier Skeets, including printing plates and negatives are on display of the walls.

The view is taken in St.Ninian’s High School Computer Room 8, at a time where Mac Colour Classics were the machine of choice.

In the picture is legendary Head of Chemistry Mr Peter Clague .

LEFT: Inside the Isle of Man Newspapers print room where massive web-offset machines were being used to print School Skeet.

Along with the computer bus man (RIGHT) are St.Ninian’s students:

L to R: Russell Cowin, Thomas Pirson and Adam Rhodes.

LEFT: As part of an exhibition at the Sea Terminal held on 18-21st October 1990, a ‘computer room’ was set up to showcase the then new Apple Macintosh computers and the novel ‘Desk Top Publishing’ techniques being carried out at St.Ninian’s

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