POSTED HERE together for the first time are a series of videos posted over the years by the computer bus man on now defunct, or soon to be defunct, websites.

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Find out about the iMuseum in this '5 Minute How To..."

Made by the DEC ICT Office for Manx National Heritage, we look at what the iMuseum offers, how to search, and a look at the Newspapers and Publications section. Uses the great Manx artist Archibald Knox as an example.


Image Challenge

The first of a series of very short introductory videos introducing the 'Images Challenges' to be found on the ICT Home website.


Using Google SItes with Year 6

Short video made in connection with a Year 6 class about their use of Google sites.


Primary ICT Curriculum Support video

A substantial movie prepared to introduce new curriculum support available on the service. This video is designed to complement the updated ICT Primary website introduced spring 2012. "Enjoy..."



Find out how to make a 3D model of the Parthenon in SketchUp...



Part 1 of an ICT How to - begins by showing how to create an electronic version of almost any computer generated document as a .pdf - and how to get it onto a handheld device via the service. It then considers the pros and cons of ePub. Part 2 to follow.


DataVision's iPrompt - and Kudlian's iCanPresent

Presenting a 'piece to camera' is an essential skill witnessed each night on TV and on the web. Since the 1950s, a mechanical tele-prompt or 'Autocue' has made the task much easier. Replicating this resource in school has been either very expensive or less than perfect - until now...


Making the News (Parts 1 to 6)

A series of (ICT) 'How tos' around a newspaper theme. These lead to a substantial unit , with the potential to work towards the creation of up to three 'newspapers'... The first is a 1930s-style Isle of Man local newspaper, followed by a contemporary tabloid, then a futuristic e-Book style publication for viewing on a tablet computer. Creation of these using school computers follow in Parts 7 onwards (below)

Watch them as a combined show, then as individual parts (BELOW) as required...

PLAY Parts 1 to 6 Combined

Making the News (Parts 7 to 10)

Second instalment of a series of (ICT) 'How tos' around a newspaper theme. This compilation of Parts 7 to 10 deal with the design of the 1930s newspaper, creating the GRID on which the pages are based, creating the NAMEPLATE, and making the ADVERTISEMENTS. Much more to follow...

PLAY Parts 7 to 10 Combined

Making the Pages (Part 11)

Final steps of the 1930s-style local newspaper including adding the news, pictures and 'rules' to make the finished front page. Many of the principles covered here can of course be applied to other types of newspaper or design task.


Taking the Tabloids (Parts 12 to 14)

A look at "Tabloid" Newspapers and some differences from traditional broadsheets. Looks at the design and content of a 'tabloid' version of the Isle of Man Daily Times.


Making the Tabloid (Parts 15 to 17)

Now that the the Isle of Man Examiner has gone 'tabloid', this new How To looks at the creation of a 'red top' style local newspaper, considers the change in the Examiner and looks ahead to the new Tablet-based e-versions of our press...


Combining Text and Graphics (Long version)

Aimed at Primary Schools, this '5-minute How to...' is the full version of a series of short films looking at combining text and graphics to create a 'Radio Caroline' style record cover. As well as considering the evolution of graphic design, it wanders off into cars, hairstyles, computers and Typography, before settoing down to look at three original designs emulating the 1960s and 70s. Separate versions of each theme are also available below...


1960s Record Cover How To 1

How to use modern software to create a 1960s-style record cover.


1960s Record Cover How To 2

A slighly more advanced design using two pieces of software to create a 1960s-style record cover. Uses Pages (Page Layout) to compile images and text - and Apple's Preview to extract photographs from a complex background using 'Smart Lasoo'.


1970s Record Cover How To 3

A more advanced design using three pieces of software to create a 1970s-style record cover. Uses Pages (Page Layout) to compile images and text - Comic Life to make 'groovy' lettering and Apple's Preview to extract photographs from a complex background using 'Smart Lasoo'.


Overview and introduction for creating an Audio Podcast... FULL VERSION

Overview and introduction to the art of creating an audio podcast using Sound Studio and Apple's superb GarageBand program. Also available as separate videos...


First part of the above video

Short introductory overview of Audio Podcasts - deals briefly with:


Types of Microphones


Audio Podcasts Part 2 of 6 - Recording in Sound Studio

Introduction to the Podcasting mode of GarageBand, including overview of controls, loop browser, dragging loops into the project, matching commentary to music (including Splitting Tracks) in preparation for Ducking (Part 4)


Audio Podcasts PART 3 of 6 - Combining in GarageBand 1

Introduction to the Podcasting mode of GarageBand, including overview of controls, loop browser, dragging loops into the project, matching commentary to music (including Splitting Tracks) in preparation for Ducking (Part 4)


Audio Podcasts PART 4 of 6 - Ducking

Explanation of 'Ducking' in GarageBand, including automatic ducking, and manually adjusting ducking using the generally more successful track automation.


Audio Podcasts PART 5 of 6 - Combining in GarageBand 2

This section considers the layering of tracks in GarageBand to create a 'soundscape' of a busy quayside. In addition, a demonstration of applying pre-set and manual filters to individual tracks, prior to 'Sharing' in Part 6...


Podcasts PART 6 of 6 - Sharing

Final part of the sequence, showing a podcast created in GarageBand being 'Exported to Disk.'


Combining Text and Graphics How To... (Long version)

Find out how to combine attractive graphics with informative text in this basic iWork 09 'How To..." based on the new IoM DEC ICT Primary Creative Curriculum Scheme.


Mask How To...

Short version extracted from Text and Graphics How To... in this basic iWork 09 'How To..." based on the new IoM DEC ICT Primary Creative Curriculum Scheme.


Instant Alpha How To...

Short version extracted from Text and Graphics How To... in this basic iWork 09 'How To..." based on the new IoM DEC ICT Primary Creative Curriculum Scheme.


Mask with Selected Shape How To...

Short version extracted from Text and Graphics How To... in this basic iWork 09 'How To..." based on the new IoM DEC ICT Primary Creative Curriculum Scheme.


Smart Lasso How To...

Short version extracted from Text and Graphics How To... in this basic iWork 09 'How To..." based on the new IoM DEC ICT Primary Creative Curriculum Scheme.


Layout Matters How to...

Short version extracted from Text and Graphics How To... in this basic iWork 09 'How To..." based on the new IoM

DEC ICT Primary Creative Curriculum Scheme.

"Not one of my best: Alex Townsend"


SImple Weather Forecasts

See how to use your laptops to easily superimpose yourself over static or moving backgrounds to record (for example) professional-looking weather forecasts - or any other film which requires this simple 'chromakey-style' technique...


3-D Aztec Pyramid

SketchUp lets us create all kinds of interesting structures, including this attractive and instructive 'Aztec Pyramid'...


3-D Castle Rushen

Using a floor plan is a great way to quickly create accurate 3-D models using Google SketchUp. This advanced (ie Year 4 up) example shows how to make your very own Castle Rushen...


[Back to] The Future Show (2006)

Although several years old, this trip around Primary and Secondary ICT made to accompany the exhibition at the Villa Marina, still has ideas which you may find useful


Cross Curricular ICT (from 2001)

A Blast from the Past - ten years ago this programme was put together as part of the Isle of Man's 'Laptop Literacy 2001' scheme. It aimed to give a 'snapshot' of some of the variety of ICT work going on in schools at the time.

The first section shows teachers describing work from children from Reception through to Year 6. This is followed by 'handy hints'. Then Head Teacher Martin Barrow deals with some of the issues surrounding the use of ICT in our schools - circa 2001...


Dhoon School ICT (2007)

Work from the 1-to-1 laptop project undertaken at Dhoon school back in 2007, from a film produced for the 'e-Live' 07 show in Scotland.


Laxey School ICT (2007)

Work from the 1-to-1 laptop project undertaken at Laxey school back in 2007, from a film produced for the 'e-Live' 07 show in Scotland.


Learning in the 21st Century... (1999)

Where IT all began... An event organised to mark the launch of the Department of Education's plans for information and communications technology beyond the millennium.

The Department arranged for two of the foremost education speakers in the UK to present their views on the rapidly changing processes of teaching and learning.

The speakers included Professor Nigel Paine, Chief Executive of SCET (Scottish Council for Education Technology) and Professor Stephen Heppell Director of Ultralab, Anglia Polytechnic University's learning technology research centre.

Also speaking were the Minister for Education Dr Edgar Mann MLC, and Information and Communication Technology Adviser, John Thornley.


Sketchup 101 - A Typical Manx Cottage

SInce 2003, many primary school children's first experience of Google SketchUp has been on board the Computer Bus creating a 'Typical Manx Cottage' or house.

See for yourself how this is done and learn skills which will allow you to make many more of your own Sketchup creations in the future...



5-Minute How to set up a folder in Outlook to stop your myBigCampus notifications going to junk.

(Can also be used to direct any other type of mail to folders automatically)


KS1 3 D Modelling (Beginner Sketchup)

A great introduction to SketcUp for older Reception or Year 1 - make your own 'Manhattan Skyline', apply different building materials and textures and even a LAPD patrol car!



OVER A PERIOD OF about three years, the computer bus man made a series of video ‘How Tos’ featuring work carried out on the Computer Bus.

Though dated, some - especially the SketchUp ones - may still be useful...


In the 1980s, the computer bus man was employed by what was then called the Tourist Board. Under the direction of Jim Kennedy helped find, organise and ‘telecine’ all of the Department’s 16mm promotional film content.

A few of the best appear below, along with a selection of miscellaneous Education films produced over the last 20 years.


Apple Pages ’09 - Newspapers

Apple Pages ’09 - Record Covers

Apple Pages ’09 -Graphics Misc

Podcasts - GarageBand ’11

Education promotional films

Healthy Futures

SNHS Charlie Williams invites us to sample school dinners and finds that what's on the menu these days may surprise and delight...


Modern Foreign Languages cross-phase transfer event

A short filmed report about an event at St.Ninian's Lower School in December 2012


Pupil Voice Forum Report

Braddan School's Emily Buckley reports on the first meeting of the first all-island primary 'Pupil Voice Forum' held in May 2011. Features pupils from Ballasalla, Victoria Road, Onchan, Marown, St.Johns, Andreas and Bride, St.Mary's, Kewaigue, Braddan and Ashley Hill, discussing their ideas for improving further school meals. Includes and interview with School Improvement Advisor Mr Geoff Moorcroft.


Top Deck

Jo Callister talks to Richard Davis about Jurby's latest attraction - the Manx Transport Museum. (with apologies to Top Gear...)


On the Buses

Sulby School students describe some of the exhibits at the new Jurby Transport Museum and pose some tricky questions about the vehicles on show...


Isle of Man Rocketeers

Students from Castle Rushen High School visit SES Satellite Leasing to find out more about the Island's thriving space industry...



Google X-Prize Part 1

Ballakermeen High School Event Tuesday, 4th October, staged as part of Google Lunar X Prize Summit at the Villa Marina. The Conrad Foundation and ManSat Ltd have expanded the Spirit of Innovation Awards 2010 to the Isle of Man and teams from the five secondary schools are undertaking design/development projects that will lead to the winners travelling to the Innovation Summit at NASA’s Ames Research Centre in California next spring....


Google X-Prize Part 2

Part 2 of the Google X Prize session held at Ballakermeen High School Monday October 4th 2010. Question and answer session between students from the Island's secondary schools and international members of X Prize Teams


Manx in Space...

NASA's Nicole Stott talks by LIVE LINK from the International Space Station to pupils from the Isle of Man gathered at the Manx Museum, Douglas on October 16th 2009.


World War II

Hector Duff

WWII and D-Day veteran Hugh Hector Macdonald Duff takes questions from schools around the Island during an intyerview recorded at St.Ninian's High School in July 2012.

Hector Duff served in the Desert Rats (the 7th Armoured Division) between 1940 and 1945 and was awarded the Military Medal for bravery. He took part in the invasion of Italy, came home to the Isle of Man in 1944 and then, his division re-equipped, landed at Normandy on the afternoon of D-Day, continuing right through France into Germany, where he was when the war ended. In the weeks and months immediately after the war Mr Duff served on in Germany and took part, with the 7th Armoured Division, in the victory parade in Berlin. He was demobbed in July 1946 and briefly returned to his career as a railway worker before a distinguished 30-year career with the Isle of Man Constabulary


Tell Me Project 2011...

St.Ninian's High School students talk to World War II and National Service veterans in this audio podcast from July 15th 2011. On the panel Fred Matthews, Diane Haig, Terry Smith, Phil Kay, Albert Phair and Gladys Gowing. Introduced by Andrew WIlkinson.


Armed Forces Day 2011

Join St.Ninian's High School's Chris Holmes as he talks to Forces Veterans present and past, during the recent Armed Forces Day at the Villa Marina. Amongst others Chris hears a dramatic account of how Captain Jim Adamson earned his Military Cross during an encounter in Afghanistan. Chris also talks to WO1 Karl Underwood RLC, Royal Signals Captain "Muz" Murray, Royal Marine Captain Andy Bridson, WWII Naval Veteran John Galt and former National Serviceman Phil Kay.


Anne Frank [+ You} in the Isle of Man

A reminder of the exhibition which took place in Peel in March 2010. Includes interviews with the organisers.


Department of Education Archive

St.Ninian's High School @ 65 (1992)

Join teacher Mr Moore as he celebrates the 65th anniversary of the Douglas High School with pupils past and present in this video recorded by the school in the autumn term of 1992. In it Mr Moore talks to Sydney Kelly, Felix Gale, Terry Cringle, David Tinker, David Dow, Brian Stowell, Geoff Karran, David Saunders, Himself, Alex Townsend, Chris Caine, Howard Caine, Lynne Courtie, Joanne Clark, Jonathan Kinrade, Anthony Quayle, Jennifer Renard.


Ça Marche

A visit to four Island Primary Schools - January 1991 - to look at the Modern Foreign Language Teaching by the PML Team. The vilm calls at Victoria Road School, St.Thomas's C of E School, Peel Clothworkers School, Fairfield School. Made by the late Dave McGlashan using then state-of-the-art 'S-VHS' analogue tape to tape equipment. A 1991 Video Production Unit of the Isle of Man Department of Education, Technical Production by David McGlashan


The Official Opening - Sulby Primary School 1991

Opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, The Hon. Lady Ogilvy CVSO, Monday 21st October 1991

H.R.H Princes Alexandra arrived at the school shortly before 2.00p.m. and. after fromal introductions by the Rt Hon. Mr. L.R.Cretney, Minister for Education, H.R.H. was escorted to the School Hall. Following a number of speeches, H.R.H. unveiled two plaques and then pupils presented a fifteen minute concert.

H.R.H. toured the school and met the staff, parents and pupils. Princess Alexandra met Mrs W.McDonald for afternoon tea and departed from school at 4.00p.m.

This video - produced by David McGlashan - captures some of the moments during this very special afternoon.


Border TV Report on the Opening of Sulby School 1991

Local News report by Terry Cringle covering the visit of H.R.H. Princess Alexandra to the Island and the opening of Sulby School. The short report covers the arrival of the Princess at Ronaldsway, the opening of the school and the concert that followed. Included is a rare shot in front of the camera of the Department of Education's own cameraman, the late Dave McGlashan, who was responsible for many innovative multimedia developments at the time.


Computer Bus 1999

Back to the Future as the Island's then new Computer Bus - sponsored by Manx Telecom - gets its few minutes of fame on TV outside Dhoon School. Features the Computerbus Man and Mrs Fran McLean an pupils from Dhoon School


Opening of Foxdale School from 1991...

The late Dave McGlashan made this record of the opening of Foxdale School. Features members of the Board of Education past and present - and outgoing Headteacher Mr Stuart Lambie

PLAY (Broken)

3G Telephony in the Isle of Man

Adrian Chiles on BBC2s Working Lunch back in 2001 introduces a report about the then new '3G' telephony. The reporters and public are clearly sceptical about its future. They visit Ballasalla School and the Computer Bus - and interview Manx Telecom MD Chris Hall.


Any Questions from Ballakermeen High School

Earlier today, students from Ballakermeen High School joined Manx Radio's Roger Watterson to quiz Ministers Eddie Teare MHK and John Shimmin MHK, Bill Malarkey MHK, Paragon Recruitment's Debbie Harris and Ballakermeen Head Boy Rory O'Shea.

Recorded in the Ballakermeen SIxth Form Lecture Theatre, Friday July 8th 2011.



THE PRIZE-WINNING edition of BBC Schools QuestionTime featuring and recorded by students of St.Ninian's High School. On the panel are the Hon Anne Craine, Treasury Minister, Peter Karran MHK, Richard Butt, Editor Isle of Man Newspapers, Chris Hall, Managing Director Manx Telecom, Andrew Shipley, Science Teacher, Serena Luff, Year 12 Student, Chris Holmes ,Year 12 Student.

The Chairman is Liam Core.


Old Tourist Board material

Isle of Bays (1954)

The first colour film produced for the Tourist Board. It covers two days in the holiday of a family - with the exploits of a hapless fisherman in an 'old banger' thrown in as comedy relief.

There are plenty of interesting countryside viewsm the director making the most of the opportunities provided by 'colour'.

The story is "boy meets girl", the boy being Tourist Board employee Edgar Cottier, with local girl Geraldine Reid (LEFT).


Isle of Beauty

Super little film which is not to be missed, representing a time when the Tourist Board was able to commission the very highest quality productions. Featuring a voice over by Wilfred Pickles and a superb music track by the Pathe Orchestra (Including Haydn Wood melodies). Isle of Beauty follows the exploits of the "Barker Family*" as they set out to explore the wonders of the Island. They start at Peel and proceed via Laxey, Ramsey, Snaefell, Castletown and Port Erin. As well as the "old Manx Fisherman who is Peel's unofficial weather forecaster", they meed "old Mr Bridson" who climbs tro the top of the Island's highest peak every birthday. As the Barker's leave, the boy (in demob suit) and girl hold hands as they sail into the sunset "ready no doubt to return again to the Isle of Man - the Isle of Beauty".

*Actually made up of locals some employed in the Tourism Ofices of the day.


Isle of Man Scooter Rally (Colour, 1958, 15 mins)

An extract from the Shell film “Two-Wheel Trio”, this covers the almost forgotten event that was the Isle of Man Scooter Rally.

The sight of the chubby little scooters jumping about on the obstacle course is amusing and one cannot but wonder at the bravery of the riders taking prt in the 24-hour “endurance test”.

The rally seems to take place under a rather ominous dark sky, the rain pouring down on the scooters all too often. However, eventually the sun shines on the Concourse D’Elegance and the little scooters wend their way home leaving a trail of blue smoke.

When the film was shown at the 1986 TT Prize Presentation at the Villa Marina, it brought tears (of laughter and disbelief) to the eyes of many of the bikers present, who evidently thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse of the past. A Castrol Film


Holiday Island (Colour, 1964, 20 mins)

“The Treasure and Pleasure of the Isle of Man - The Island “gem” in the Irish Sea”
One of the first Tourist Board films to give a really representative view of the wide range of events held throughout the year.

It is one of the few films in the official archive to feature shots of ‘big name’ personalities, including Jimmy Saville, David Jacobs and Ivy Benson’s All-Girl Band.

The film begins with coverage of the erstwhile annual Easter Sports Festival, followed by views of the then new “Manx Maid” car ferry - with its revolutionary spiral car ramp.

There is some excellent footage of the Isle of Man Rally, forerunner of today’s Manx International Rally. As well as views of Cortinas and Mini Coopers racing around narrow country lanes, there are shots of ‘driving tests’ held on Douglas Promenade.

The Scooter Rally is featured next, complete with Concourse D’Elegance, obstacle race, and potentially lethal “Egg on Head” competition.

After the TT Races, there are shots of some night time entertainment with nostalgic views of adverts for top showtime entertainers who once graced the theatres of holiday resorts throughout Britain.

There’s the Highland Games (remember them?) and two football matches - one between Stoke City and Manchester United, and another between Bernard Breslaw’s Showbiz XI, against a local Police team. (Dicky Valentine kicks off, aided by Freddie of “Freddie and the Dreamers”.)

Watch for the bathing beauty competition, agricultural show, rare scenic views of the Ayres Plane in the north of the Island, the Viking Festival, Tynwald and Douglas nightlife.

How many remember the “Modern Music Festuval”, hosted by a young-looking Jimmy Saville, and an even younger-looking David Jacobs?

A Manx Press Pictures film by well-known local photographer Bill Peters (LEFT).

Finally we are given an amusing ‘recap’ as the hapless photographer (Bill Peters) is featured speeding up the film to remind us of what we have just seen!


Magic Memories (Colour, 1969, 20 mins)

A Manx Press Pictures film, made by well-known Island photographer Bill Peters. The film opens with a shot of a Cambrian Airways Viscount arriving at Ronaldsway.

We are then treated to the steam railway (then in “Victorian” guise), Rushen Abbeyt and Pony Trekking.

At Silverdale Glen, we get a privileged view of the island’s “Little People” as they toil away in the “Gnomes Grotto”.

There are some splendid views of the Calf of Man, Snaefell Summit and night life including the Casino.

Of particular interest iis the reference to the forthcoming new ‘leisure centre’, being built at the north end of Douglas Promenade and with the help of a cut-away model, we are given a tour of what was to become the ill-fated “Summerland”.

The vision, high hopes and optimism which surrounded the planning and building of this world-beating complex are well captured in the remarkable footage.

Summerland was tragically destroyed by fire on August 2nd 1973. 50 people were killed and 80 seriously injured.


The Proud Islander (B&W, 1963, 4 Mins)

“The Proud Islander” in question is a horse tram driver Caley who tells us about his Island. The film begins aboard a Cambrian Airways Vickers Viscount and end up in the Island’s Casino (then at the Castle Mona Hotel). There;’s an amusing sequence involving the tram driver and a postman (Matty Ward) at the Fairy Bridge. Watch for a very well observed beauty competition at the Villa Marina. Although very short (its ends just as you feel its got going), “The Proud Islander” is a smashing little film. A Profile Film; Camera - Michael Gore; Produced and Directed by Martin Benson; Editor - David Capey.


Isle of Man Tourist Board TV Commercial - 1982

The way we were... A stunning TV commercial for the Isle of Man produced in December 1982. Actor Bruce Mantague (best known as the man in the park in the BBC sitcom Butterflies) grapples with a dodgy script and even worse graphics

in this Border TV epic...


Island Transport 1967

Not a Tourist Board film but included here.

In 1967 the Isle of Man Photographic Society made a movie about Isle of Man transport.

Using then state-of-the-art Super 8 cine film, this is the result....

Courtesy of one of the film’s original contributors, the late Jessie Gilmour.


Teisht Chadjin Ghaelgagh

Pioneering video made in 1997 using then state-of-the-art 'desktop video' facilities by St.Ninian's High School 'TV Club'. Commissioned by John Cain, the video was part of Dr Brian Stowell's new 'GCSE Manx' course and features Brian and a number of other well-known Manx language speakers. Mjsic by King Kiaule.



Manx Wedding Laxey (1952)

Silent home movie from the archives showing a "Manx Wedding" recorded in 1952 - but looking much older. The action is set on the Laxey football field. Who do you recognise?


Isle of Man Tourist Board TV Commercial - 1990

The Tourist Board 1990 marketing slogan "Its an Island caught in time", was accompanied by a clever adaptation of the 1946 "Its no tail" movie - colorised and with a replacement sountrack by 'speaking clock' actor Brian (The time sponsored by Accurist) Cobby. Our unique version shows the original movie (left) next to the 1990 TV commercial. As well as the colourisation, one shot is flipped horizontally, whilst others have had the background switched. Can you spot the differences?


Its No Tail... (1946)

As the title suggests, we follow the adventures of a banknote as it passes from person to person during an Isle of Man holiday in 1946. This was the first publicity film produced for the Tourist Board after World War II and is the longest and most elaborate in the Department's archive. The film starts somewhere in the south of England with a brand new pound note. From here we follow it to the Isle of Man where it passes to a hotel receptionist, farmer, shopkeeper, publican, bus conductor and so on... The slightly mysterious narrator spends his holiday following the bank note around, lurking suspiciously and hovering ominously. Today it seems rather odd - but in 1946 was probably seen as just good fun!

This rather battered 16mm print sat for years in the attic of the late Tony Beard, before being returned to the Department of Tourism in 1985 to be transferred to hi-band U-Matic (video) in 1986. Isle of Man tourism aficionados will recognise segments of this film which were used in the Travis Dale "Its an Island caught in time" IoM TV commercial from 1988 - albeit colourised and flipped back to front in places. This and other films from the Tourist Board archive - which once comprised over 40 titles - are now available on DVD from DUKE video, with informative introductions from veteran commentator and Manxman, Terry Cringle.


Video making - misc

Misc ICT (archive)

Misc ICT Promotions

3D Packaging How To...

Find out how to combine attractive graphics with 3-D cartons in Sketchup to make this milk carton or other packaging designs...


Caring in Mann (1993)

Student Lisa Underwood presents a St.Ninian’s High School ‘TV Club’ film about the services offered by Caring in Mann.


Professor Guy Claxton

November 9th 2011, Professor Guy Claxton Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning (CrL), and Professor of the Learning Sciences, at the University of Winchester, spoke to 300 teachers at Mount Murray, Santon.

Guy Claxton is Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of the Learning Sciences, at the University of Winchester. Guy is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the Royal Society of Arts. Earlier in the Day Guy had met with the Minister, Chief Executive Officer, and School Leaders, visited Laxey and Dhoon Schools, to learn about the Island's own Curriculum guidance "Essentials for Learning". The evening was introduced by Rushen Head Teacher Tom Thomson. We join Guy as he begins his address, in the Viscount Suite of the Mount Murray Hotel.


Early Years Numeracy

Story Sacks were developed by Neil Griffiths, formally a head teacher in Swindon, who now directs the National Support Project for Storystacks on behalf of the Basic Skills Agency. The initiative has now spread to schools, pre-schools and libraries throughout the country. They are designed to help adults share books with children in a way that is positive, theatrical, special, interactive and fun.



Wigan LEA Emily Wood talks to the Isle of Man's Jayne Adamson about the INSPIRE project...


Pupils Leading Learning

Dhoon School's Mr Cross talks about how children can lead learning


Professor Paul Cooper - Leicester University

Leicester University’s Professor Paul Cooper talks to the Isle of Man Department of Education’s Special Needs Advisor Dave Colley about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Human Development

DEC's Greg Hurt discusses 'Human Development' as part of the SEBD Training Day held at Santon CPD Centre on Friday February 12th 2010.