FOXDALE SCHOOL Year 2 along with Walter Gilbey who took time out to visit the computer bus and spend time on board with the children. Note the then new Bondi-Blue iMac joining the G3+Studio Displays on board. January 21st 1999.

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BELOW: Screen shots of templates put together in ClarisWorks, the much missed Apple software that combined word processing, drawing, painting, spreadsheet and even a database capability into a single suite of tightly integrated programs!

AS children move into year 2, the emphasis shifts away from ‘Kid Pix’ to ‘Claris Works’ and basic word process- ing.

Ballaquayle Infant’s School children were carrying out work around the topic of ‘senses’.

A series of sheets featuring ‘eyes’ were devised for the children.

They were first required to use the Claris Works word processor tools to enter an introductory paragraph, before then moving on to label the pictures.

These sheets are an example of the ‘custom-made’ work put together for use on the computer bus, based on mate- rial supplied by the school.