Bride Year 1 and 2 with their head teacher Sue Entwistle October 12th 1998. The children had to travel to Andreas School and arrived late - having stopped en-route to look at a ‘dead cow’ spotted in a field!

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BELOW: Screen shots of templates put together in ClarisWorks, the much missed Apple software that combined word processing, drawing, painting, spreadsheet and even a database capability into a single suite of tightly integrated programs!

In Year 1, pupils are required to use the mouse to begin to manipulate words as well as shapes. HyperCard word banks (BELOW TOP) were used with some groups, where children were able to make sentences by ‘clicking’. The

words were spoken back to them by the computer. Claris Works Draw documents were also used with students asked to assemble dia- grams and them label them appropriately.

ABOVE: Hypercard was used by ICT Adviser John Thornley to create a ‘clickable’ word bank called ‘Story Writer’.

(These days it is claimed that Hypercard was used as inspiration for Tim Berners-Lee to create the concept that became the World Wide Web!)