STUDENTS from the Douglas Youth Club taking part in the evening Codename SCOOP tests for ORACLE during April/May 1999.

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ABOVE: “Herald the Hound” mascot of Codename Scoop!

LEFT: Professor Steven Heppell - an inspiration and a great friend of the Computer Bus !

BELOW: Some of the boys and girls from the Douglas Youth Club who took part in the Codename SCOOP project.

ABOVE: During the Codename SCOOP trials with (L to R) the Island’s ICT Advisor John Thornley, Oracle and Youth Centre representatives (fill in names here). Youth Worker Steve Brookes and Fairfield School’s Elizabeth Townsend (looking very cross for some reason!)

LEFT: Some of the icons used for Codename SCOOP in 1999 - clearly heralding what become known as ‘Social Media’ years before it was a ‘thing’.

BELOW: Under the Codename SCOOP ‘header’ is a ‘worksheet’ from May 3rd 1999 showing the ‘focus’ tasks for those on board the bus encouraging collaboration with others.

BOTTOW: Notice how the ‘Personal Newspaper’ reproduced here foreshadowed many aspects of today’s (2020) social media phenomenon...

Notice also the use of ‘Netscape Navigator’!

LEFT: The computer bus outside the Kensington Road Youth Club in Douglas during the Codename SCOOP trial. The evening time slot was essential to allow ORACLE staff in California to remotely monitor activities.