St.Johns School Year 6 taken November 2nd 1998. Note the ‘old’ school through the bus windows. Centre towards the rear is class Teacher Miss Jones...

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ABOVE: Foxdale Year 6 during a visit to the school on January 22nd 1999.


MANY Year 6 students have used their time on the computer bus to complete various ‘Claris Works’ tasks. These have included history topics, such as the Tudor sheets shown here.

The diagrams show interior and exterior views of a Tudor house, sheets depicting Tudor kings and queens, along with a timeline to put the Tudor period in context (BELOW LEFT).

Completion of these exercises involved either simply labelling the diagram, or for the most able, using the full array of Claris Works draw tools to ‘trace’ the Tudor House exterior as shown in the top diagram.

One advantage of using the Claris Works is that students practice skills required to produce their own sheets as they get older.

An ability to produce diagrams, to incorporate together text and graphics effectively to communicate meaning, are essential ICT skills.

ARBORY school made good use of the Computer Bus in connection with its 1999 expedition to Ard Whallin. Three sessions were scheduled and special worksheets commissioned such as the ‘Speed of a River’ spreadsheet (left) and the Ard Whallin maps, one of which is shown below. The latter featured in an article about computers in education, in the July issue of MacFormat magazine, Britain’s biggest selling Mac magazine.

ABOVE: Ard Whallan Outdoor Centre.

LEFT: Year 6 children from Kewaigue School pictured during a visit on 14th October 1998.