In the picture are Andreas School Year 5 on October 12th 1998. On the screens are a selection of FLOWOL ‘mimics’ including ‘Bridge Lights’ and ‘Automated House’.

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BELOW: The remarkable “AppleWorks” included a database program which provided a very useful introduction to later use of the highly capable FileMaker software. AppleWorks continues as separate applications such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote, whilst FileMaker has continued to develop and remains a powerful platform for all manner of uses. 

MANY Year 5 students have used their time on the computer bus to complete various Claris Works tasks. These have included history topics, exemplified by the Greek and Roman sheets shown here.

The diagrams show details of Hadrian’s Wall, Roman Baths and a Doric Arch.

Once again these sheets were prepared specifically at the request of the school involved, and were designed to fit in with work already being carried out by the children in other lessons.

Completion of these ‘draw’ documents involves the use of a variety of techniques, including duplication, labelling, word processing along with the usual printing and saving.

BELOW: Screen shots of templates put together in ClarisWorks, the much missed Apple software that combined word processing, drawing, painting, spreadsheet and even a database capability into a single suite of tightly integrated programs!