MURRAY’S ROAD SCHOOL Year 4 students working on FLOWOL, December 16th 1998.

Note a glimpse of the giant Apple Laserwriter 8500 carried by the computer bus on the extreme bottom left of the picture.

BELOW: Screen shots of templates put together in ClarisWorks, the much missed Apple software that combined word processing, drawing, painting, spreadsheet and even a database capability into a single suite of tightly integrated programs!

Control work using the program FLOWOL has been the main focus for Year 4.

Depending on the time available, students have been introduced to the symbols used for flow- chart programming, and have then used FLOWOL itself to program a series of on-screen ‘mimics’, ranging from the simple zebra crossing to the more complicated semi-automatic light house.

The use of this program at this level is a great help to schools, who will want to build on this experience through years 5 and 6. Only by using the Computer Bus has it been able to introduce this control work so quickly to the Island’s primary schools.

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BELOW and RIGHT: Screen shots of  the evergreen FLOWOL programming tool created by Anthony Bowker and his father Ralph.

ABOVE: Ballacottier Year 4 working on FLOWOL December 2nd 1998.